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Weather on the Elk / Mendocino Coast
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Check the weather on the Elk / Mendocino CoastThe Elk coast, located on the western edge of the American continent, and north of San Francisco, is in intimate relation to the Pacific Ocean. There’s nothing more dramatic than experiencing a winter storm coming in off the coast from your cozy suite, with a warm fire cheerfully flickering.

We are on the ocean and have very odd weather patterns - many days there is sun, fog, mist, rain, clouds, hail, more sun, all in the same morning - get the gist - it just cannot be predicted.

» A different view of the weather!

Summers can be cool, with fresh offshore fog. Historically, the Mendocino coast has been the salvation of folks living inland who seek relief from the heat of the Central Valley.

Spring and fall are magical, with vibrant light-filled skies. May and September/October are when you’ll find the most sunshine and some of the warmest daytime temperatures.

In all seasons, bring layered clothing, which you can shed for those occasional January days when the day dawns splendid and clear, and the temperature sails into the 70s, or alternately, light sweaters and jackets which you can put back on in July, when the fog comes in and the temperature can go right down into the 40s.

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